All sorts of sports and action on Boracay

Our passion is water sport, besides windsurfing and kiteboarding we also offer stand up paddling. But to make sure that with all that sport the mental and internal strength will not get lost, we have two yoga instructors on our station; Simone and Marcus do both give Yoga lessons of different kinds and therefore everyone will find something for his or her taste.

There are a further great number of different activities on the island. Boracay has a wonderful 18-hole golf course with a fantastic view on the ocean. Gererally you can just go there and start playing without any pre-booking. In any case you will accompanied by the Caddy, very competent and friendly women.

At White Beach you will find lots of other sport activities, the island has more than 20 diving schools offering all kinds of classes and dive sessions. You can rent the local fisher sailing boats or you enjoy snorkeling, jet ski, paragliding behind the speed boat, frisbee, beach volleyball or soccer and much more.

The island also has two tennis courts, a horse ranch, go-cart course, climbing walls, various places to rent motor bikes or bicycles and so on...

Once a year around end of January some of the best windsurfers and kiteboarders are competing in the International Funboard Cup. In both disciplines you will see speed and course races, the kiteboarders also have further competitions in hang time, free style and old-school. If you like to join, go ahead, everybody can sign in...