With a lot of wind into 2014 at Bulabog Beach!

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 12/28/2013 - 14:21

We had some nice Christmas holidays and are now looking forward to the next couple of days here on Boracay. A short view in Windguru speaks volumes: After the last few days with light wind only this is just pure pleasure for all kitesurfers and windsurfers at Bulabog Beach. The impact of typhoon Haiyan is reduced to a minimum: Only some brownouts occur once in a while, but that is pretty much everything. Finally there is no more reason left not to spend holidays on Boracay. The wind usually blows until end of March and if there is really one day where you can’t go out on the water, you could easily take adavantage of the sun sets at famous White Beach, diving at Crocodile Island or just explore the island with many other spectacular beaches. You will find more on that on our next blog. Who is still thinking of escaping the cold winter just comes to visit us at Funboard Center. Already now we wish you a happy new year, see you soon on Boracay.


Funboard center - 10 years on Boracay island

Submitted by edgar on Fri, 12/20/2013 - 09:14

Yesterday was a big day for Funboard Center Boracay. A new Spanish tapas bar was opened last night at the schools own Tabou cafe. About 100 guests that gathered to the official opening ceremony could also congratulate the school with 10 year anniversary.

The beginning of the peak season at Funboard Center Boracay looks very promising. After two days of low wind all our kitesurfing and windsurfing instructors are fully busy teaching. 5 kitesurfing instructors and 2 windsurfing instructors were all together in the the water with their students this morning.

"We are encouraged by the number of advanced bookings and walk-ins," stated school owner Simone, "this means that people did not change their holiday plans after seeing scary news about typhoon Haiyan on the news. Boracay island suffered no significant damage from the strong wind so it still the home place for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And of course the number one spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing in Asia".


The kite- and windsurf season at Bulabog Beach gets on

Submitted by Simone on Tue, 11/26/2013 - 13:26

How ist the current situation at Bulabog Beach on Boracay Island? Manny of the wind-and kitesurfers are worried about their holidays on the Philippines after the devastating damages occured through the Typhoon Haiyan. Luckily the Typhoon has slow down its strength when he fell on land in the southeast oft the Philippines. He passed Bulabog Beach with arround 220km/h and disroots plenty of palmtrees, distroyed many gardens and damaged roofes and windows. Most auf the destructions has been already cleaned up within the first week. Also Funboard Center Boracay were able to open the surfschool after a couple of days. Besides small damages the team and their families are in good health and the surf equipment is untouched. We are looking forward to welcome you!

Mit 220km/h passierte der Taifun Haiyan die Bulabog Beach auf Boracay.Taifun Haiyn zerstörte größten Teils Fauna und Flora auf Boracay Island.Das Funboard Center Boracay startet die neue Wind-und Kitesurf Saison nach dem größten Taifun der Geschichte.


Bulabog Beach and Funboard Center Boracay has been untroubled by the Typhoon Haiyan

Submitted by Simone on Wed, 11/13/2013 - 16:27

We'd like to thanks all of you for your good thoughts, wishes and offer to help. Luckily Boracay, White and Bulabog Beach could master one of the most powerful storms on record - named " Haiyan" or  "Yolanda" by Philippine authorities. The most legendary White Beach has almost been untouched. Everyone has been warned early enough and could secure their places, houses or other belongings as kite and windsurfing equipment a day before. Most of the wind-and kitesurfing schools at Bulabog had evacuated the complete gear, protect all windows with wooden panel and fixed the roof with fishing net. The team of Funboard center Boracay did a great job and  removed more than 30 surfboards, unriged more th 30 sails, tied all roofs with fishnet and changed the surf school within 1 day to a ghost town. With a positive belief and a big smile our local wind-and kitsurf instructors were ready to fight the monster.

Funbaord Center Boracay has been temporary evacuated to be secured when Haiyan hits Bulabog Beach.Funboard Center Boracay evacuates all kite and windsurf equipment to the second level.The team from Funboard Center Boracay did a great job and is quite confident.


Super Typhoon Haiyan will slam into Boracay Friday afternoon

Submitted by Simone on Thu, 11/07/2013 - 14:16

The Philippines rarely escape a year without experiencing a devastating typhoon. The western Pacific storm Haiyan has intensified without interruption since Sunday and is now a dangerous Category 5 super typhoon, with maximum sustained winds exceeding 300km/h. Its likely the strongest storm to form on the planet this year. Evacuations are already underway as the storm produce damaging winds and flooding rains. Some of the country's most popular islands for tourists, including world-famous Boracay as well as Bohol, are in the typhoon's path. The Boracay coastguard has already stopped the boat traffic from Boracay Island to Caticlan Airport and many tourist got stranded on Boracay this weekend. Most of the wind-and kitesurfing schools at Bulabog Beach are temporary closed to secure the equipment to avoid any damages.


The kite- and windsurfing season at Bulabog starts with 18 knots Beach

Submitted by Simone on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 03:13

The windsurf-and kiteboarding season at Bulabog Beach on Boracay Island is ready to start: just in time the wind has switched from White Beach to Bulabog and the Amihan wind welcomes all wind-and kitesurfer with inviting 18 knots. The Funboard Center Boracay is in its last preparation and starts these days with the first kite courses in great wind condition. The latest equipment for the rental of windsurf- and kite material has already arrived on the Philippines and the next windsurf courses are planed for November 1st.



Kiteboard Worldcup 2013 in Turkey

Submitted by Simone on Wed, 07/31/2013 - 08:44

Taner Aykurt, professional Kiteboarder, Kiteschool-owner and Guest Kite-Instructor at  Funboard Center Boracay will join the Burn Kiteboard Worldcup 2013 in Turkey. Taner runs his own Kitschool in the south of Turkey, in Fethije. Professional Kiteboarders from all over the world will meet at Burc Beach near Istanbul on  August 20th, 2013 and compete in Slalom-Racing. As additional attraction a Frestyle Kitemaster Competition will be held. Good luck, Taner!


Funboard Center Boracay accompanied by Artifishal.com

Submitted by Simone on Tue, 07/23/2013 - 10:25

Jacques second home is the underwaterworld. Artifishal's filmmakers - based in Boracay Island, Philippines - have been filming in the underwater world of the North-Pacific and the South-Chinese-Sea since 1998.  They produce high-quality footage and documentaries for  WWF, National Geographic and  Lufthansa. “Discover the Blue” is their favorite, long-term project and presents interesting facts of the tropical sea-dweller, diving destinations and other sea-related topics.




Die White Beach auf Boracay Island im Mai 2013.

Jacques and Kirsten had lived at Bulabog Beach for many years and got very close friends of Funboard Center Boracay during that period. We are very thankful for the beautiful pictures, they have taken during our day-trip from Boracay to Union Beach. The family left Boracay via Africa back to Noth-Germany in 2009 and still follows their passion and keeps taking shots from the local flora and fauna.


BBQ at Union Beach

Submitted by Simone on Mon, 07/22/2013 - 14:00

You have reached your destination!  After a long beach walk we suddenly catch the first kite school like an oasis in the desert. They are placed between shady palmtrees close to the shore made out of bamboo and palmleaves. The lovley garden invites to chill out and a huge green field offers space for resting and avoids any sand in your kite gear. Slightly exhausted and thirsty we can't wait to get the first St. Miguel beer and we launch into the small bar.




Funboard Center Boracay has BBQ at Union Beach on Panay Island, Philippinen.Our guys are looking for a fire place while the kids playing at the beach, sightseers explorer Union Beach and Prezel and Andy's wife preparing the local tuna and native chicken, a Philippine National dish. Café Tabou from Funboard Center has donate fresh salads, homemade bread and brownies.

As well at Union Beach the kite season slowly comes to an end. Only a few random winddays are left for the last ride on the kiteboard. We decide to leave our kite gear on the boot and enjoy the faineance, our BBQ and instead we have some small talks about wind-or kitesurfing at Bulbog Beach.


Kitesurfers from Funboard Center Boracay on the way back to White Beach.Our target is to arrive at White Beach before sunset. But the low tide has thrown a spanner into our plan... only slowly the water comes back into the bay of Union beach and our outrigger-boot is waiting 1km off-shore.  Luckely we have low tide- otherwise the daytrip has been rained off ;-)





Explorer the Philippines by bicycle from Panay to Boracay Island.Stephan keeps the group in good mood and tries to reach the outrigger boot with his bicycle. No matter if you get wet feed while kiting or biking...






From Union Beach back to Boracay Island with local outrigger-boats from Panay.Without further ado Andy decides to cross the group with a small fisher boat to the waiting outrigger. As more our trip runs against the plan, the group becomes more funny and admires the natural manners of the philippine mentality.  Four times he has to cross the bay to board all group members without getting tired and keeps smiling. Loaded on board we are enjoying the sunset on our way back to Boracay. To watch the sunset directly from the water while having a chilled St.Miguel beer is such an amazing experience and creates the highlight of our daytrip to Union beach.



Nightime at White Beach on Boracaay Island, Philippines.Luckely we arrive at White Beach after nightfall to recognize the beautiful chain of lights sparkling through the palm groves, reflected by the water. After one day at the unspoiled Union Beach we feel like living in a city.  But already next day we all agreed that Union Beach is worth to visit, but we all don't want to miss the huge choise on Boracay from Diving, Yoga, Wind-and Kitesurfing as well as swimming and dining at White Beach. We are looking forward to our next daytrip or downwinder to Boracay as well as coming back to Boracay for sunset :-)








Funboard Center Boracay arrives at Union Beach

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 07/20/2013 - 22:18

After 40 min cruising alongside the legendary White Beach, passing around the north corner of Boracay Island as well as Crocodil Island, we are on target for Panay. The white sand of Union Beach, the new kitespot not far from Boracay, is the first we can catch. Three kites schools have been established and welcome every kiteboarder, who has started a downwinder from Bulabog Beach. They offer drinks, snacks, and accommodation for kitesurfers, who wants to stay overnight.



Island-Hopping from Boracay Island to Union Beach, the new kitepot on Panay.All kitesurfers appreciate the shallow water at Union beach. The smooth surface invites to try freestyle moves and knee deep water simplifies the kite courses. Just our local boatsman was not so happy when the keel got stucked and the group had to leave the boat 500m before Union Beach. Like someone shipwrecked our group took all their belongings and wade through the flat water. Everyone enjoys the litte unexpected adventure. The Funboard Center Boracay offers daytrips and downwinder from Bulabog to Union Beach.



Unspoiled tropical island as Union beach on the Philippines.The long walk to the first kite school passes long stretches of unspoiled strandlines. Fischerboats are parking inbetween palmtrees close to the white beaches. "Tropical Island pure" reminds at Boracay 10 years ago, when accomodtion, restaurants as well as Kite-and Windsurf schools were still rarity. These days White Beach belongs to the most popular vacation destination and offers international cuisine, accommodation in all price ranges and more than 10 professional wind-and kitesurfschools.