Kitesurfing final results of the Boracay Funboard Cup 2013

Submitted by Simone on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 02:49

The Boracay International Funboard Cup started slowly as a windsurfing event. Kiteboarding was added in 2005, when this exciting extreme water sport grew bigger. As both sports depend completely on the wind, none of the activities harm the environment and no pollution is created. The Boracay Funboard Cup has become a benchmark for the wind sports community and other events as the Kiteboard Tour Asia were all inspired by the Boracay Funboard Cup. Tanner Aykurt is working for Funboard Center Boracay and became 2nd runner up. Congrates!



2013-Kitesurfing- Results-Funboard-Cup-Boracay


  1. PHI Ken Nacor
  2. PHI Reynard Gajisan
  3. TR  Tanner Aykurt

Results of the 25th Boracay International Funboard Cup in Windsurfing

Submitted by Simone on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 01:00

 25 years of the Philippines and Asia’s longest running windsurfing and kiteboarding event has been held on Boracay Island last week. The event continues to bring together windsurfers and kite boarders from all over the world. Due to its reliable wind conditions, Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island is the most favorable venue for wind sport events. Just last week the professional and amateur contenders from Asia, Oceania, and Europe were waiting for better wind conditions. With only 14 to 16 knots the competitors were fighting for the best results... Gido and Gordon Gelito, our two windsurf instructors from Funboard Center Boracay could make it to the first runner up. Congrates!



  1. KOR Hyeong Min Lee
  2. PHI Gido Gelito
  3. PHI Gordon Gelito


  1. KOR Hyeong Min Lee
  2. PHI Gordon Gelito
  3. JAP Suzuki AYAKO





Grand opening of the 25th International Funboard Cup Boracay

Submitted by Simone on Mon, 01/21/2013 - 11:26

This is the last day where all windsurfers and kiteboarders can sign up for the 25th International Funboard Cup in Boracay. International riders from Asia, Europe and Australia will compete the next 5 days in windsurfing and kitboarding diciplines as slalom, speed and freestyle. 8 years ago world-cup riders Dan Ellis (GRB), Gonzalo Costa-Hoevel (ARG), Lucia Horwood (GBR) and newcomer Connor Baxter (USA) have met at Bulabog Beach to compete. The forcast predict stong wind for the end of this week. For the next days the biggest sail, longest fin and lightest windsurfer will designate the best sailor. Gido Gelito (PHI) vom Funboard Center Boracay is a local rider and used to lightwind condition. This is his big challange to proof his strength against worlwide riders.


Perfect condition at Bulabog Beach for Wind-and Kitesurfing

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 08:23

Daily-Windsurf-training- to-get-ready- for-the Boracay-International_Funboard-Cup

Another day with 25 knots and more of wind and beautifull sunny weather at Bulabog Beach makes the windsurfers and kiteboarders happy.The low tide in the morning keeps the water flat and shallow: ideal for all kiteboarders to improve speed and jumps while the windsurfers still waiting at the beach for more water coming in. As soon as the water level is high enough the kiteteachers are ready to give their first lessons to make sure the kitestudents are in safe condition. When everyone is pretty exhausted and the high tide creates nice waves, it's time to send all windsurfers out. Gido and Simone take every single hour to get ready for the coming Boracay International Funboard Cup next week. What a great spot :-)


Boracay International Funboard Cup 2013

Submitted by Simone on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 03:06

On January 21-26, 2013, the Boracay International Funboard Cup celebrates its 25th year. A homegrown Boracay event which started 25 years ago as a small gathering of windsurfer friends has turned into a spectacular annual international watersport and the the most popular windsurfing and kiteboarding event in Asia.The competition has made Bulabog Beach to Aisa's most famous kite- and windsurfing spot and attracts yearly more enthusiastic windsurfers and kiteboarders around the world. More than 100 participants worldwide are expected to participate the year.