Kite Courses

Kitesurfing classes, training and certificates

Naturally we all learn at different speeds - so some students may need a little bit longer to really get to grips, others might be a bit faster due to some experience and knowledge of similar elements from other kind of sports as windsurfing. No matter what you will bring with you in terms of sportive experiences, we will make sure that you will get on the board and ride the water.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport. So only extreme safety is the right key to get in the world of kitesurfing. The examples of courses below have been proven to be the best way to experience and learn kiteboarding in a short time with a maximum of safety and progress. If you decide to book a next level course, then no charge will apply for the first course. All courses include equipment and safety gear.


Kitesurfing discovery course:

€ 50,- 1 student: 1,5hrs, 2-4 students: 2hrs.

The first introduction into this sport. Learn to fly a small kite and get some ideas of technique and material. Understand the basics of kite control and safety systems.

One day course Level 1 IKO:

€ 120,- 1 student: 3hrs, 2-4 students: 4hrs.

This one day course will teach you the basics and provide the fundamentals of kite flying. Understand the theory of wind areas, power zones and all aspects of the kite, bar, lines and the entire safety system. Fly the kite under your control and experience and enjoy body-dragging.

Beginner course Level 1 + 2 IKO (incl. IKO certificate)

€ 330,- 1 student: 9hrs, 2-4 students: 12hrs.

The best way to learn kitesurfing. The three day course is where it gets interesting - it's where you get up and move, flying the waters. At the end of this course you should be equipped with all the skills needed to kite and no doubt be hooked for life!

Advanced course Level 3 IKO (incl. IKO Certificate),

6 hours, € 180,- with own equipment, € 240,- with rental equipment

You have already made some first experience with kite surfing, but want to become a safe rider and able to go upwind, turn both sides and do first jumps.

Further courses like private tuition, accompanied kiting, advanced course for Level 3 or individual courses for your special needs are available on request.

All kitesurfing courses will be held by certified and experienced IKO instructors using the latest equipment from Slingshot and Gaastra. All courses will be organized subject to the individual needs and requirements of the students. Fast results are achieved by just two students per teacher, ensuring quick progress and a maximum of safety and risk control.

Kiteboarding equipment rental (daily choice of equipment)

  • 1 hour: € 22,-
  • ½ day: € 50,- (max of 3 hrs.)
  • 1 day:  € 85,-
  • 1 week: € 325,-
  • 2 weeks: € 495,-

Kite gear storage

  • 1 week:   € 35,-
  • 2 weeks: € 65,-
  • 3 weeks: € 95,-
  • 1 month: € 120,-