The best beaches on Boracay Island

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 01/18/2014 - 05:10

White Beach auf Boracay Island gehört zu den schönsten Stränden der Welt.White Beach ist nur einer der schönsten Strände auf Boracay Island.







As already mentioned in the last time we want to offer you a brief insight about the best and most interesting beaches on Boracay in this blog. There is just so much more to discover beside the spectacular White Beach with all its restaurants, bars and clubs and the Bulabog Beach which makes every wind- and kitesurfers heart beat faster. Here are the top 3 of the Funboard Center Crew:
Pukka Shell Beach is definitely not a secret spot anymore, but still this beach is much quieter and moreremote than White Beach. Reachable via Tricycle or for example also with a bike this beach is in the very north of the island. The name of this beach refers already to one of the highlights: Philippinos are making beautiful necklaces, bracelets or anklets out of the tiny shells which can be found pretty much everywhere on Pukka Shell Beach. Once landed on Pukka Shell Beach one can easily explore the small neighbouring bays, so even if it is very busy over there, someone can still find a quiet place to relax.
For those who even find it too busy on Pukka Shell Beach, there is just Ilig-Iligan Beach nearby, reachable with the tricycle in 5 minutes in south easterly direction. Most of the time you will just find some locals there. A lot of palm trees provide you with shade; pure Robinson Crusoe feeling. Be aware that there is no infrustracture at all, so be sure to take enough water with you.
On the other side oft he island in the south east you will find Tambisaan Beach, one of the most popular beaches among the locals. Reason for that is a small bordering village where you can buy also some food and drinks. The water is shimmering turquoise-green and invites for snorkeling trips. Some small islands nearby, as Crocodil Island with the silhuette of a sleeping reptil, will provide a beautiful scenery for taking pictures. This is definitely the right choice if you want to spend a day without other tourist and want to get close to Philippinian way of life.Now you know everything about the beaches on Boracay. In the next edition we want to give you an insight about nice places to stay on the island.


Funboard center - 10 years on Boracay island

Submitted by edgar on Fri, 12/20/2013 - 09:14

Yesterday was a big day for Funboard Center Boracay. A new Spanish tapas bar was opened last night at the schools own Tabou cafe. About 100 guests that gathered to the official opening ceremony could also congratulate the school with 10 year anniversary.

The beginning of the peak season at Funboard Center Boracay looks very promising. After two days of low wind all our kitesurfing and windsurfing instructors are fully busy teaching. 5 kitesurfing instructors and 2 windsurfing instructors were all together in the the water with their students this morning.

"We are encouraged by the number of advanced bookings and walk-ins," stated school owner Simone, "this means that people did not change their holiday plans after seeing scary news about typhoon Haiyan on the news. Boracay island suffered no significant damage from the strong wind so it still the home place for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And of course the number one spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing in Asia".



and what you want to know about the insular state in the Pasific Ocean...


KTA Boracay 2013 - Women's final placing

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Boracay-Philippinen-1st Place- before-Japan-and Thailand-at-KtaKathrin Borgwardt could finish first on this year's Kta Kiteboard Tour Asia on Boracay followed by Thailand and Japan. She has chosen Boracay to her second home and has entered almost all kitesurfing competition in Asia since the foundation of Kta-Asian Kiteboard Championship Tour. Many local and new blood kiteboarders have been inspired by her unlimited enthusiasm and put their feet into the professional kiteboarding career.


Funboard Center Boracay and Kiteschool Darss join Kitesurfing and Yoga.The Funboard Center Boracay and Kathrin celebrate theirs 10th jubilee on Boracay Island. The storry of Funboard Center Boracay has started in 2003 with Windsurfing and expanded within a short time to a multifunctional watersport center including Kitesurfing, SUP, Yoga and a Coffee-Shop. Kathrin is a passionate kitesurfer and has started as the first femal kite-instructor in Boracay. She runs since many years  " Surfer's Home", a small resort at Bulabog Beach. Additionally she organizes Kite-Safaris, SUP- and Trekkingtours on the Philippines. This April the Kite-and Windsurfseason comes to an end and during the summer break Simone from Funboard Center and Kathrin arrange with the Kiteschool Darss the first Kite and Yoga -Event in Germany. For next October we have new events on Boracay in mind......


Final results of the 4th Kite Asia Tour in Boracay

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Kite Tour Asia 2013 with Taner Aykurt as 2nd Runner up.

Round 3 of the KTA Asian Kiteboard Championship Tour has finished with great results for Boracay's local riders. It was Easter week and it was crazy anyway on the island...Bulabog beach it’s great one to be part of, especially when all kiteboarders all over the world come together to make this event even more spectacular. Asian's top kiteboarders will meet soon for the 4th round in China on Pingtan Island on May 8th.


Kta 2013 with Taner Aykurt leading on the 1st day.

Results of the 3rd round of the Kite Asia Tour 2013Taner Akurt was missing the event in Thailand, but caught up back on Boracay with the 3rd place after Ken Nacor PHI, sponsored by Cabrinha. The Champion is Narapichit Pudla from Thailand, sponsored by Ozone. Taner left his raceboard from NORTH with Funboard Center Boracay to let the team train for the next season and make all Kite-instructors joining at the 5th event of the Kite Asia Tour in 2014. With the forecasts improving everyday we might start already next week...




Boracay's 5th Annual Yoga Teacher Training

Submitted by Simone on Fri, 03/08/2013 - 12:47

Yoga is a great foundation for windsurfing and kiteboarding. “Core stability”, “stetching” & "centering" increases the time on the water and open your mind for more progress! Boracay Funboard Center itself offers many classes for daily practise and experienced a huge increase of kiteboarders and windsurfers not only to kill the time on non-windy days, but to be challended by the real blast. Funboard Center Boracay is the only kite- and windsurf school, whose instructors are as well trained in different Yoga- methods. Boracay-Greenpath TT,  the longest running annual teacher training program in the Philippines will held a 200 hours course in coming May. For application and registration get in contact with



4th KITEBOARD TOUR AISA at Bulabog Beach, Boracay

Submitted by Simone on Tue, 02/26/2013 - 13:43

Asia's greatest Kitesurfing Competition KTA will be hold coming month on Boracay. The event takes place from the 26.-30.of March 2013 on the most beautiful island of the Philippines. Bulabog beach side of Boracay is well known as Asia’s best place for kiteboarding and windsurfing as the wind is pretty consistent and the bay is protected by a large reef, promises flat water for better perfomance in freestyle as well for all races.
Boracay is one of the Philippines top island holiday destinations and offers next to the spectacular event other watersport activities as windsurfing, SUP and diving. A great varity of international restaurants at the famous White Beach, breathtaking sunsets and night life until sunrice will satisfied all non-competitors. The race does not only attracs top riders from Asia. Kiteboarders from all over the world are welcome to join this event. You can still register...


The Flying Carpet from Nobile - the ultimate beginner board.

Submitted by Simone on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 02:23

The Flying Carpet von Nobile is a must for every kite school. It's longer than the shortest kite instructor from Funboard Center Boracay and guarantees every kite student a save boardstart and the first floating ride experiences. All advanced kiteboarders go kiteboarding when the others are still waiting for the wind. Unmatched upwind performance, perfect grip and easy maneuvering benefits with a pleasant ride. It also makes the Flying Carpet easier and more fun to ride than any other kiteboard of it's size. 


Valhalla-Cup: Boracay’s kiteboarder have organised a weekly funrace for all kiteboarders at Bulabog Beach

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Kite students and kite instructores are joining Boracay's fun race.

 Kiteboarders are waiting at the starting line for the signal.


Bright sunshine, palmtrees along the beach, warm water and 18-20 knots have been perfect conditions at the last kitesurfing funrace at Bulabog Beach in Boracay and united all kiteschools of different nationalities on the water. Chris, the founder of this weekly funrace, is a local kiteboarder of Boracay and runs the legendary Valhalla-Bistro. Intermediate and professional kiteborder as well as kite instructors and local riders, who have made kiteboarding to their passion, racing against each other. Great idea, Chris!




Funboard Center Boracay will take part at the RS:1 World Championship

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Windsurfing Boracay - Windsurfing Instructor Gido Funboard Center Boracay will send the best windsurfer of the windsurf school to compete the first RS:1 One-World-Championship on Boracay Island. Gido Gelito has grown up on Boracay Island and nobody else knows the wind- and water condition at Bulabog Beach better than him. His first step on the surfboard was at the age of 5 years. Even with less than 60 kilo he is the most feared opponent due to his impressive technique and experiences in windsurfing.