Our Spot on Boracay Island

The Boracay Funboard Center is located directly on the Bulabog Beach, the perfect beach for windsurfers and kiterboarders.

Map overview of Boracay Island

We have a new location!

To all who know us

Our new windsurf and kiteboard school - the Funboard Center Boracay - is only a stone throw away from the old place. About 100m downwards from the old place on the road, just before it’s going up to the mount Lohu. Before you go up, right at the corner to ralph’s place, you will find our new place left hand side.



Windsurfing on Boracay Island

Bulabog Beach- is Asia's best windsurfing spot


Welcome at the Funboard Center Boracay on Bulabog Beach!

Enjoy the ultimate experience of windsurfing and kiteboarding at our place on turquoise water, perfectly surrounded by white sandy beaches and palm trees. Discover the wide range of different water sports, chill-out at the white beach, have a taste at all the international cuisines, with nearly all gastronomic specialities available from around the world. Enjoy the famous nightlife with the friendliest locals in the world. Welcome on Boracay! 


New location of the kite-and windsurfschool Funboard Center Boracay

Submitted by Simone on Sun, 10/04/2009 - 21:00

To all who know us: the new surf-and kiteschool is only a stone throw away from the old place, approx. 100m downwards the road before it’s going up to the mount lohu. Before you go up, right at the corner to Ralph’s Place, you will find us left hand sid
To all who don’t know us: just grap a tricycle on the main road and turn into the Bulabog road. That one will bring you to the beach, where you turn left. After further 300m you will find the Funboard Center Boracay.