News for the comming kite-and windsurfing season at Bulabog

Submitted by Simone on Sun, 07/13/2014 - 09:02

According to the principle "I AM THE BOSS! " the boys from Funboard Center Boracay have chosen a new business strategy for the comming kite-and windsurfing season. The new uniform shows clearly who calls the tune...





Kite-und Windsurflehrer vom Funboard Center Boracay beobachten das Geschehen am Bulabog Beach.The responsibility of our kite and windsurf instructors will be based on a horizontal managment. Relaxed and laid back on the bamboo bench they will watch the action at Bulabog Beach. What a great life!





Sensationelle Sprünge mit dem Spark von Gaastra Kite am Funboard Center BoracayOnly on the vertical level the real boss is allowed to go ballistic and get some air to keep the overview of Bulabog Beach. Don't worry!!! Everthing is under control and our surf center Funboard Center Boracay is looking forward to welcome you and make your kite-or windsurf holiday unforgettable!



team kitesurfing

Kite-courses-at-funboard-center-boracay-with- IKO- certified- instructors.Simone

Since 2009 we also offer kiteboarding lessons at our school. All our instructors are fully certified by IKO or VdWS and all of them have made their passion to their profession. Simone is a passionate windsurfer and has just found her enthusiasm for kiteboarding at the age of 40. Good to know: it's never too late!


Welcome at the Funboard Center Boracay on Bulabog Beach!

Enjoy the ultimate experience of windsurfing and kiteboarding at our place on turquoise water, perfectly surrounded by white sandy beaches and palm trees. Discover the wide range of different water sports, chill-out at the white beach, have a taste at all the international cuisines, with nearly all gastronomic specialities available from around the world. Enjoy the famous nightlife with the friendliest locals in the world. Welcome on Boracay! 


About Simone & Matthias


Simone and Matthias, two German passionate kite- and windsurfers decided a few years ago to turn the former Mistral Station into a all-new Funboard Center for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing.