team kitesurfing

Kite-courses-at-funboard-center-boracay-with- IKO- certified- instructors.Simone

Since 2009 we also offer kiteboarding lessons at our school. All our instructors are fully certified by IKO or VdWS and all of them have made their passion to their profession. Simone is a passionate windsurfer and has just found her enthusiasm for kiteboarding at the age of 40. Good to know: it's never too late!


Kiteboarding on Boracay - Palong grapPalong

Palong, also called "Crazy Dog", has an easy game with all kinds of jumps and huge air time with less than 50 kilo body weight.


Kiteboarding on Boracay - Glen ridingGlynn

Glynn is our youngest and a highly talented team member. He doesn't know any limits, his motto on the water is "try befor you die"...


During the season we are also supported by Serkan, Clyde, Taner, Panoy, Simone, Flo and Gilbert.

Kiteboarding on Boracay - Serkan Kiteboarding on Boracay - Clyde Kiteboarding on Boracay - Taner

Kiteboarding on Boracay - Palong Kiteboarding on Boracay - FloKite-and-windsurf-instructor-Gilbert-from-funboard-center-boracay