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We have completed our range with a few more models from TABOU BOARDS.


The new Rocket 125 and 145 are the shooting stars...

Windsurfing on Boracay - Rocket boardsWith the Tabou Rocket series we we want to inspire beginners and advanced windsurfer. As the name already says, the rocket is even in light wind conditions a real weapon. With this windsurf equipment you will be always the fastest...This year the 125 and 145 have been completely re-worked to deliver the magic carpet ride that you have come to expect from one of the greatest freeride boards on the market.

  • ROCKET   95l
  • ROCKET  105l
  • ROCKET  115l
  • ROCKET  125l
  • ROCKET  135l
  • ROCKET  145l

    Try it ... it's magic!


one Board - unlimited possibilities

Windsurfing on Boracay - Rocket S3This range of boards is finally complete!  The 116 has been born and there are no more excuses for missing waves on the lightest days! The S3 is the perfect allrounder for your private windsurf-equipment. The Tabou S3 has been improved and not only the new design is an eye-catcher! The new Tabou S3 will accelerate speed much earlier and you will make without any efforts easely speed. In chopy water the Tabou S3 is still forgiving and easy to control. Lerning or improving jibes is a piece of cake. This is our ultimate rental board and perfect for all conditions at Bulabog Beach.

We've got the following sizes:

  • S3 76
  • S3 86
  • S3 96
  • S3 106
  • S3 116



GURU Beginner- Freeride!

Der Guru von Tabou Boards am Funboard Center Boracay ideal für Freeride Einsteiger.Early planing, great speed, easy jibing and good control are only a few keywords to specify the Guru. Since 2 years the GURU  belongs to the windsurf equipment of Funboard Center Boracay.The Guru continues to be a great all round starter free ride board. An affordable solution that comes with a great design for comfort on the run. A range of boards you can progress on all the way up to making your first jibe! With the softer and heavier construction, the boards are easy to ride. Fun for all regardless of whether they are a beginner or starting to windsurfing again or just want to take a spin on holiday.

  • Guru  125l
  • Guru  135l
  • Guru  145l


The ultimate learner board is right here.

Windsurfing on Boracay - Cool riderEveryone wants a board that is easy to learn on and something that you won’t outgrow after only 5 days on one. You can still have a lot of fun out cruising around on the Cool Rider! Precise developed beginner shapes that guarantees quick progress! 

  • Tabou Coolrider 160I
  • Tabou Coolrider 180l
  • Tabou Coolrider 200I

Whether in the summer with the family or in the surf school, the Cool Rider is the perfect board to go windsurfing on.


For this coming seasons our windsurfing school has upgrade the Gaastra sail range. NEW!  next to the SAVAGE and CROSS is the Pure..


The Pure is the best freestyle sail on the market.

Das Pure von Gaastra Segel jetzt neu am Funboard Center BoracayThe PURE is now a reference for any freestyle sail. It built its reputation through the years with great and continuous results from our dream team.
A refined luff curve and twist pattern make this the most balanced and effortless sail to keep the new moves continuously evolving. If you take freestyle seriously you cannot live without the PURE. One of the easiest sails to ride. Works great for all levels up to the top pros. It does what you tell it to !




This NO-CAM sail is one of the fastest on the water!  

Windsurfing on Boracay - Gaastra SavageNever ending Speed and then go full speed into the jibe. The new Savage is the absolute jibe killer.

On a straight line there is no need to hide from other race sails- the Savage will deliver speed almost like any race sail. The sail is light and balanced in your hands. The sail accelerates extremely fast and even if you go full gas into the jibe, the silky smooth rotation  system ensures that you loose no speed or balance.

Caution, this sail can be addictive: On the straight line it is as fast as any race sail and in the jibe as easy as the freeride- or wave sails.  The new Savage is ready to fight. Imagine you’re out on a race sail, but without the worry of jibing or water-starts- no cams make it easy! That’s the feeling when you grab on to the new Savage.


"A magazine test winner, the Swift is ready for flat out fun anytime in any condition!"

Windsurfing on Boracay - Gaastra SwiftIf you want a camb sail that is light and tight, the Swift is your answer. With 2 cams you get good top end stability and will be able to keep the sail locked and loaded through the lulls. An easy to use cam sail that is a great step from a RAF rig towards a more race like rig.


The Cross is a fun sail to ride. It is easy to rig, has top end speed and stability and with the new wider head and shortened luff it feels more alive.

Windsurfing on Boracay - Freeride CrossThe Cross is one of those sails that can handle anything. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced expert, the sail delivers everything you need. Going fast or dabbling in some small waves, the Cross will save the day!

A combination of 6 composite tube battens results in an extremely stable sail that will handle high wind overpowered conditions with ease.
This  next generation freeride sail has impressed not only the test teams of the magazines, but windsurfers around the globe. Quick and agile, the Cross represents the perfect synthesis of wave and race sailing. The new Cross has slightly more performance and is more durable than ever. The Cross remains unchanged in its smooth handling and top end stability.